How to activate spell check in your browser.

Spell check is actually handled by your browser, and in many cases the spellchecker no longer works because most browsers require you to turn it on specifically.  As you can see from the screenshot below, once activated, it works in LMN.


How to activate spellcheck in Google Chrome:

  1. Click the Settings menu in Google Chrome
  2. Click Show Advanced Settings..  at the bottom of the settings screen
  3. Scroll down to the Privacy section and make sure to check the option named 'Use a web service to resolve spelling errors'
  4. Close your tab
  5. Your changes are now saved and you'll see spellchecking works



How to activate spell checker in Firefox

  1. Click the Settings menu in Firefox (top right)
  2. Click Options in the Settings menu
  3. Choose the Advanced tab on settings screen
  4. On the General tabmake sure the Check spelling as I type is turned on
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