copy copy estimate revisions options save as new faq estimate templates How Can I Copy an Estimate?

When estimating, it is very common that you might need to make some changes to an original estimate but want to keep all of your original numbers. You may also want to copy and use the same estimate for a different customer. In this case,  we can simply copy the original estimate and then make changes to the copied version or change who the estimate is for.

How do I copy an Estimate?

  1. Click into an estimate (standard or service).
  2. On the Customer Info Tab, on the bottom right of the screen, you will see a Copy button - click on it.
  3. LMN then gives you the option to re-name the project, change the customer etc. If changing, click the red Change button here. Make all of the necessary changes and click ok.
  4. The screen will then load, and open the copied version of the original estimate.


*NOTE: Make sure that you go back into the original estimate and check off the "Exclude from Stats" checkbox if making multiple versions for the same customer. This will make sure that the system does not include the original estimate on the stats dashboard and CRM reports.



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