online training online courses faq training course courses assign courses assign training course Assign a Course to Multiple Employees at Once

There are two ways to add employee's to Training Courses:

Option 1:

If you have a bunch of learners that you want to add to one or more training courses you can add them all at the same time. First head into your training course library. You do this by clicking the library icon in the top left of your online training portal, then clicking on the right side arrow of the specific category that you want to find courses in as shown below.


Next you will see a list of available online courses in the category that you select. To add learners to the course you need to click the drop-down menu beside the select button, and then click manage assignments. 

Next, click add in the manage assignments area.

Then check off the learners that you want to add to the course and then click next.

The last step is to edit the assignments for all or just certain learners (if needed). You can do this by clicking on each learner and editing their priority level and due date, or by clicking all and doing it for every learner at the same time. When you have made the necessary changes scroll down and click done.

Option 2:

Click on the "My Team" Icon in the top left corner > Manager Dashboard > Activities > Find the course you want to add employee's to > (#) Users.

 Scroll down to the bottom of the page below and click on Register Others.

 On the next screen click Continue > and then Add.

Make sure that "Select All Viewable Users" is selected and click next.

On this screen select the users that you want to add to that course you have selected and click "ok".


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