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The first step to see the progress and results of the courses that learners take is to get to your manager dashboard. Do this by clicking the team icon in the top left area of your screen, then manager dashboard.

Now you will see the learners that you manage, the number of required courses for each learner, as well as how many courses are incomplete. You can also see how far along they are in their courses as a percentage here.

To see more detail, click on a users green incomplete button.

That will take you to the user reporting area. Here you will be able to see the progress of each course that the learner is enrolled in. You will also see the due dates here. In the left hand column you will see the filter which will allow you to sort by assigned courses, completed courses or all courses. 

You can also export these stats as an Excel report by clicking on the export button on the right hand side as shown in the screenshot below.



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