quickbooks chart of acccounts sample chart of accounts faq sample service item sample cost code Does LMN Have A Sample Quickbooks Chart of Accounts?:

Yes, we do - see the attached files at the bottom of the article for sample of how to set up your Quickbooks.

  • Quickbooks Chart of Accounts (start here)
  • Quickbooks Service Items (these link to chart of accounts)
  • LMN Cost Codes (these link to QB Service items)

But before you do that, please read below: 

Important Disclaimer (read before downloading!)

These chart of accounts and cost codes are for sample purposes only and are not intended to represent professional accounting advice.  Consult your financial/accounting professional before setting up your Accounting.

  1. The sample files are only intended to illustrate how a landscape company might setup their IncomeCOGS, and Expense (Overhead) accounts.  Payroll settings, payroll burden, sales tax, asset, liability and other accounts will need to be adjusted to meet local taxes, laws and legislation.
  2. Account setup (what's a COGS, what's an Overhead cost) will vary depending on the way your company estimates.  The attached examples are for sample purposes only and are not guaranteed to setup correctly for every company.
  3. LMN cannot be held responsible for any costs, errors, mistakes and/or omissions resulting from the use of these accounts.  By reviewing, downloading and/or employing any these sample account setup configurations, you agree to assume full responsibility for their consequences.

This article and sample attached documents contains advice for educational purposes only.  LMN strongly recommends that you consult a professional financial adviser before making significant changes to accounting.

Download Sample Chart of Accounts

Download Sample Cost Code List

Download Sample Accounts Import File


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