Copy Work Area/Services for Fast Options

LMN Estimating allows you to rapidly create ‘variations’ or ‘options’ for work areas by using the COPY WORK AREA command and then revising the materials to create alternative options.

How to copy an existing work area:

  1. Open your LMN estimate
  2. Click on Workareas/Services + Pricing
  3. Create a workarea by clicking on the + Add Work Area button
  4. Add your items to your work area by clicking on the + Add Items and Templates button
  5. Once your work area is created, click to save
  6. Now when you click on the little arrow beside the Edit button (when work area is closed or beside the close button (when work area is open) you will see an option to Copy Work Area - Click


Once you click on Copy Work Area a new window will pop-up as shown below:

Enter in a work area name and a work area ID if applicable and click ok.

You have now copied the work area and can manipulate any items and quantities within it.


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  • Is there a way to do this for Service estimates?

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