Exclude an Estimate from Sales + Statistics

You have the option to hide/prevent an Estimate from being included in your dashboard statistics or your sales/CRM closing reports.

This is really handy if you create multiple versions of estimates for 1 job, or use any estimates as templates and do not wish to skew your sales metrics. For example, if you create the original estimate and want to copy the original and alter it to include extra work - you don't won't the same estimate being included in your stats twice.

There are two ways to Exclude your Estimates:

(1) From directly within the Estimate:

  • Click the Customer Info tab
  • Checkmark the "Exclude from Stats?" box

(2) From your Estimates page:

  • Checkmark the Estimate(s) you wish to exclude
  • Click Update Estimates
  • Click Exclude

NOTE: this does not serve as the same function as Archiving your Estimate. The Estimate will still appear in your Estimates list but the $ value is not being pulled into your Dashboard metrics. If you wish to completely hide this Estimate, you will need to Archive it separately.

Archiving an Estimate

You can archive an estimate if the work has already been completed or you if you no longer want to see that estimate in your estimate list.

Go to the Estimate list and check off the estimates that you want to archive > Click the update estimate button a the top of the screen > Click Archive.


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