Rounding a Price to an Even Number

How to Setup An Other Item to Help You Round Estimates to the Nearest Dollar

Because they don't have overhead markups, other items can also be used to help round up prices to the nearest dollar.  Some companies like to leave estimates as unrounded numbers (e.g. $1,790.09) while others like to round to an even number (e.g. $1,800.00).  If you like to round to nearest whole numbers, you'll need an other item called a Rounding Factor.

  • Name the other item Rounding Factor
  • Use Each as the units
  • Set the Unit Cost to $0.00 (you will customize this on each estimate where you want to round to the nearest whole number)
  • Choose the Pricing Calculator option to Set Fixed Profit
  • Set the Fixed Profit Margin to 0%  (we don't want to add any profit to the rounding factor)

Now you have an item that you can help you round estimating pricing to the nearest number.  Simply add this item to any estimate work area or service where you want to round the price.  Enter the dollars and cents you need to round up (or if you're rounding down, enter a negative number) and your estimate will come out with a nice, round number.



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