snow production rates faq prod rates snow estimating snow estimates prod for snow How Can I Use Production Rates for Snow Estimating?

In this calculator, we're going to combine all the possible time for clearing the site, including snow plowing, lot salting, walk shoveling and walk salting.  This means, all that time will get calculated into a single labor time for the site.  If you wanted to break-out salting time or walkway time into a separate task, you'd likely build more than one production rate calculator.

How to Create a Snow Production Rate Calculator:

  1. On LMN's left menu, click the Item Catalog menu
  2. Click the Prod Rates submenu - Here, you'll find your list of production rate calculators.  If you haven't created one yet, this list will be blank.
  3. Click the New button on the top right of the list to create a new production rate calculator
  4. The new production rate calculator screen opens.  Start by giving your production rate calculator a name.
  5. Next, you want to add Tasks to your production rate calculator.  Click the white +New button to add a task to your production rate calculator.

    A task is an activity that you're going to perform that has a measurement and an installation rate.  Below, we've put together an example of a snow removal calculator.  It has a few different tasks:

  • A production rate (acres/man hr) for Plow Truck 
  • A production rate (acres/man hr) for Skid Steer + 10' Pusher
  • A production rate (acres/man hr) for Backhoe + 12' Pusher
  • A production rate (lin. ft/man hr) for Loader + 20' Pusher
  • A production rate (acres/man hr) for Salting Lot
  • A production rate (sq.ft/man hr) for Walks (By Hand Shovel)
  • A production rate (sq.ft/man hr) for Salting Walks (By Hand)

Just before you are finished, use the Order column to put your tasks in a logical order.  That will help estimators work through the time(s) in the order they think about them.

When you're finished, click OK to save.  Your production rate calculator is now ready to use on an estimate.


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