Snow - Billing by the Hour

Read the instructions below for a quick summary:

STEP ONE:  Set up at least one Task as Billable By The Hour.  When your crews clock in to that task, it will start tracking those hours for billing.



STEP TWO:  Setup at least one Rate for the job.  Jobs need rates so they know how much to charge for the work.  You can also setup multiple rates so that different employees can be billed at different rates per hour  (e.g. Labor at $50/hr).



You will now be able to generate Billing Reports to bill/invoice your client in accordance to the hours logged per the Hourly Rate.

  1. Select Reports.
  2. Select Billing.
  3. There are numerous reports that can be generated here to view your Billing reports based on Jobs or Job Groups, within a set Date Ranges.
  4. An example of a Job Billing - Detailed report is shown below:

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