guide calendar work calendar non-recurring schedule install non-recurring work calendar work calendars Creating 'Non-Recurring' Work Calendars

Work calendars allow you setup default colors, drivetime settings, schedule templates and much more so that you can schedule new jobs in just a few clicks.

There are two types of Work Calendars:

  1. Recurring: used for Service type work, involving multiple visits that you will continuously service on a recurring basis (eg. mowing, snow plowing)

  2. Non-Recurring: used for Install/Construction type work, involving one visit (which may span across days or weeks) where a Job is started and completed within a specific time-frame (eg. patio install, driveway, etc.)

To add a Non-Recurring Work Calendar:

  1. Log into LMN Time.
  2. Select Schedule at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Work Calendars on the left-hand menu.
  4. Select +Add Work Calendar on the bottom-right corner.
  5. On the Add Calendar screen, give it a Calendar Name and ensure you have selected the appropriate Calendar Type (ie. Non-Recurring). Press OK.
  6. Under the Calendar Info section, you will see the following options for set-up, as well a brief description of what each setting means. Enter your settings here for your Work Calendar:
  7. Click Save on the bottom-right corner once you have entered all of your values.

To set-up your Recurring Work Calendar, please click on the following link:

Click here to view the training video on Learn LMN pertaining to setting up your Work Calendars in LMN Time.


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