Track Your Employees Using The 'Where Are They?' Screen Within LMN Time

Since LMN Time is "live", you can track an employee's progress in real-time at any moment of the day.  

There are four ways to track your employees: Crew Locations, Crew Progress, Where Are They?, and Daily Dashboard.

  1. Login to LMN Time.
  2. Click Staff at the top of the page.
  3. Click Where Are They? on the left-hand menu. 

At the top of the page, you have two options to filter your view by: 

  • Period: you can toggle between the LAST 48 HOURS or ANY TIME
  • Sorted By: you can toggle between EMPLOYEE NAME, SUPERVISOR NAME, or JOB/TASK

Under the CLOCKED IN, table you will see the following headers: Employee Name, Supervisor, Time In, Current Task, and Distance.

Under the Distance header, this displays how far from the actual jobsite your employee was upon clock-in. (NOTE: if you see n/a, your employee's Location Services/GPS on their smartphone was disabled at the time they clocked in. Since this feature was turned off, LMN will not be able to pull their GPS coordinate off of their smartphone.)

If their Location Services/GPS has been turned ON on their smartphones, you will see the following icons:

  • : this means your employee was flagged as being OFF-SITE upon clock-in
  • :this means your employee was flagged as being ON-SITE upon clock-on

To view where they actually were upon clock-in, click on the pin-drop icon and a new tab will open up the coordinates on Google Maps.

Click here to view the training video on Learn LMN pertaining to the "Where Are they?" screen in LMN Time.

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