Recover more extras billing

Create a BILLING COMPLETE estimate status to help ensure you’ve been billed (and been paid!) for all estimated work including extras and changes.

Login to LMN and click on ESTIMATE > STATUSES > + NEW (top right corner). Make sure that you use the drop down menu on the status screen to select whether you are going to create statuses for Standard or Service Estimates.

When the job is complete and is ready to be billed, setting the status to BILLING COMPLETE will let the company know that this client has been billed for their work.

We highly recommend a job-close-out meeting with accounting and the project manager/designer to ensure any all extras have been billed before closing the job out.



How to Use LMN Time to ID hours spent on extras:

If your crews are using LMN Time to track their hours, you can easily set up your jobs to track those extras that have been added onto a job.

Simply add a task called "Extras + Changes" for that specific job you want to track extras on - make sure it is set to "prompt activities on lockout".

Then, create activities that are going to be completed within the Task "Extras + Changes". When your employees clock out, LMN Time will ask them if those certain activities have been completed and they can then be tracked.

Once a timesheet has been submitted, pull a billing report to see what was completed and what needs to be billed to the customer.



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