Track Your Sales Pipeline with Estimate Status

Estimate statuses are a critical part of estimating and accurate CRM reporting.  You can customize your own list of estimate statuses to reflect your company's sales pipeline, then you can assign each estimate to its appropriate status.

Customizing Your Estimate Status List

LMN comes with a default Estimate Status list, but you should customize your own.  There is a unique list of statuses for Standard estimates and a unique list of statuses for Service Estimates as each may have different steps in the 'sales pipeline'.   

  1. Click the Estimate menu
  2. Click the Statuses sub-menu

Your list of Standard (Construction) Estimate Statuses will appear first.  You can flip between lists by changing the dropdown at the top of the list.


Adding A New Estimate Status

You can customize your list of estimate statses either by changing the name of an existing status (click the edit button beside the Estimate Status to make changes) or by clicking the +New button to add a new status.

When the estimate status screen appears, enter the name and the sales pipleline status.  Each estimate status can have 1 of 3 available sales pipeline statuses.

  • Pending (not yet won or lost)
  • Lost (the customer did not proceed with this estimate)
  • Won (the customer agreed to proceed with this estimate)

It's critical that you assign these sales pipeline statuses correctly as it is this information that feeds the pending/won/lost estimating reports on the dashboard.

Putting Your Estimate Statuses In Logical Order

It's a lot easier for users to keep the estimate statuses accurate when you set them up in a specific order.  Your list of estimate statuses should start with the first step of estimating (e.g. Estimate In Progress) and then proceed to the final step (e.g. Billing Complete) in the order the estimates are most likely to progress.

To change the order of your statuses, click the up arrow or down arrow to the left of the statuses to move your status name up/down the list. The order will automatically save on each change.

How to Assign Statuses to Multiple Estimates:

To assign multiple estimates to a status you must:

1. Check the boxes beside the name of the estimates you want to add the status to

2. Click update estimates at the top of the screen

3. Click Assign Status

4. Set your status and click ok


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