The Fastest Way to Email an Estimate

The fastest way to email an estimate in LMN is to setup Adobe Reader as your default program to preview estimates.

  1. Find any .pdf  on your computer
  2. Right click the .pdf
  3. Choose the Open with    >  menu option
  4. Select the Choose another app option
  5. Select the app you wish to use to open .PDFs (we recommend using Adobe's free PDF reader)
  6. Select the option to Always use this app to open .pdf files
  7. Click OK




Once you have selected Adobe as your default program for generating and previewing estimating then we can email the estimate to the customer right from there.

Simply click the adobe Icon on the far right of the bottom task bar (you might need to hover your mouse at the bottom of the screen to see the task bar).

This will open your estimate in Adobe for you, then click the Envelope button in Adobe in the top right corner to attach the estimate to an email. 

If you BCC: you will be able to track all of your client/leads email trails via LMN's CRM Communication History tool.





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