unit pricing unit prices faq setup unit pricing lmn unit pricing How do I setup Unit Pricing in LMN Estimates?

A lot of our LMN users bid on projects that ask for Unit Pricing and while it is not actually built into our Estimating system, there is a way to make it work!

First, you want to build your estimate in LMN to your bid form. Use Standard estimates to build unit pricing.

For example, let's look at a Planting bid form:

In LMN, we are going to set up each tree as a work area.

For example:

WorkArea Name: Katsura Tree

  • add equipment
  • add labor
  • add material item 

Once you have completed setting up each work area for each tree with the associated labor, material and equipment costs click the print tab at the top right of the screen.

Choose Report: Customer Proposal and output as a: Microsoft Excel, then click Print.

Open your excel file 

Highlight the pricing column

Click "Find & Select" 

  • Choose Go to special...
  • Choose blanks and click ok

Now, keeping that pricing column highlighted click Delete

  • Choose Sheet Rows

Delete all any footers

Add quantity for each line item in a new column beside the pricing

Then beside the Quantity Column Enter the equals sign (=) the Pricing column Letter and row # divided by the Quantity Column Letter and row #:

(Total Price divided by the Quantity)

For example:

=(A12/AJ2) - press enter and this will give you your unit rate

Once you have your unit rate, we need to make sure that it is rounding the numbers so that you are not losing any money when bidding. LMN is set up so that it only rounds to the nearest 100th so it won't give you the correct unit pricing - it might be off by a couple of cents.

To add the rounding factor:

In the column beside the Quantity Enter:

=roundup(select the unit price, and then the total price) and hit enter

For example:


This will round your unit pricing up.

Take the first example:

If you were to take the total price from LMN 945.99 and divide that by the quantity LMN would have produced 189.19 as the unit price.

It doesn't take into account that third number 189.198 - it should really be rounded to 189.20.

So you would be losing 1 cent. 


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