Improvement! Added Division as a column in the Estimate List spreadsheet export

By popular demand, we added the estimate's Division as a column in the Excel spreadsheet report of estimates.  Simply add a FILTER to the spreadsheet on that column and you can run estimate reports (by $ value, by man hours, by status) for each division.

  1. Using the left-hand menu, click the Estimates menu
  2. Select either Standard or Service estimates
  3. Click the Excel button to download a list of your estimates to an excel spreadsheet
  4. An Excel spreadsheet will download/open on your computer.  
  5. The Division will be located in Column E
  6. If you want to filter your list by Division, simply click the Data menu (in Excel), then choose Filter.  
    1. Arrows will appear beside each header.  
    2. Click the arrow to select only the divisions you wish to display



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