production rate calculator estimate guide Price List: Using a Production Rate Calculator on an Estimate

Using a production rate calculator on an estimate is simple.  Anytime you add a labor item to an estimate, you'll see a calculator button displayed beside the quantity.  This is your button to launch the production rate calculator.


When you click the calculator button, you'll be prompted to choose the production rate calculator that you want to use.  Choose from the production rate calculators on the left side of the screen.


Next, fill in the measurements that the calculator requests.  Pay careful attention to the units of measure (e.g. sq. ft) displayed immediately to the right of the Measure column.

You can also edit your production rates for this specific job.  For instance, using the example above, if this particular job had a complicated paver pattern, you could override your standard production rate of 25 sq. ft/man hr to a rate of 20 sq. ft/man hr.  This will not change your calculator settings, it will only be applied to the calculations on this job.

Where applicable, you can also round up to the nearest man hour (or more) by using the Round Up To Nearest (hrs) field.  If you have a long list of tasks, you may have to scroll down to see this field.

Here's what a completed calculator might look like just before I add it to the estimate.

Click OK and the final calculation will be inserted into your estimate's labor item where you initially clicked the calculator.




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