calculator production rate example paver Paver Install Calculator

Here are 2 sample calculators that can be used for installing pavers.  One rate calculator (Driveway w/ Equipment) is used for larger areas where equipment is available.  The second rate calculator (Walkway By Hand) is for use on areas with less base and no equipment access.

Production Rate Tips

Remember: when estimating, your production rate should always be calculated man hours.  E.g. - if your 3-man crew can lay 600 sq. ft of pavers in an 8 hour day, then your production rate is (600 sq. ft / (3 * 8 hrs))

Notes about Production Rates

Production rates below are for sample only and are not intended for use as recommended production times. Note that these times don't factor any time for daily loading/driving/cleanup.

Driveway w/ Equipment


Walkway (By Hand)



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