print estimate email estimate faq classic report custom title How Do I Print/Generate An Estimate (Classic Reports)?

Congratulations! You have now created an Estimate and you are ready to print/generate an estimate.

Within your Estimate:

  • Click on the Print tab

  • Select the Report you wish to generate from the drop-down button
  • OPTIONAL: you can enter a 'Custom Title' to replace the standardized name of the report, you had selected
  • OPTIONAL: you can change the 'Output As' to .pdf, .doc, or .xls file (.pdf is selected by default)
  • Click 
  • Click Open Report

  • Your Estimate will open up in a new tab in your browser*
  • From here you can Save this to your computer or Print it directly from the browser

*if your estimate does not appear in a new tab, please ensure you have your Pop-ups enabled


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