Include/Exclude Estimate From Showing In Dashboard Statistics + Sales Reports

You have the option to hide/prevent an Estimate from being included in your dashboard statistics or your sales/CRM closing reports.

This is really handy if you create multiple versions of estimates for 1 job, or use any estimates as templates and do not wish to skew your sales metrics.

There are two ways to Exclude your Estimates:

(1) From directly within the Estimate:

  • Click the Customer Info tab
  • Checkmark the "Exclude from Stats?" box

(2) From your Estimates page:

  • Checkmark the Estimate(s) you wish to exclude
  • Click Update Estimates
  • Click Exclude

NOTE: this does not serve as the same function as Archiving your Estimate. The Estimate will still appear in your Estimates list but the $ value is not being pulled into your Dashboard metrics. If you wish to completely hide this Estimate, you will need to Archive it separately.


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