email communication history BCC Email not showing up faq CRM: My emails aren't showing up in my CRM communication history when I BCC:

If your client emails aren't showing up in your CRM's communication history, this could happen for a number of valid reasons.  Use the guide below to see if there might be a valid reason that your email didn't get automatically added to the CRM records.

  • Did you wait 5 min and refresh your lead?  It may take up to 5 min for the email to go through the email servers and end up in LMN.  Don't forget, you may also have to refresh your lead page if you've had it open.
  • Are you sure you CC'd or BCC'd  Don't laugh... it's easy to forget.
  • Did you send the email from the same email you used for your LMN Account?  You must send emails from the same address you used for your LMN account. We cannot sync emails sent from accounts that aren't registered to LMN users.  After all, we can't track emails sent from non-LMN users!
  • Did you send the email to an address attached to the contact?  It has to be sent to an email address assigned to one of your contacts.
  • Does this email address only belong to one contact or lead?  If the email address has been assigned to multiple contacts/leads, we can't automatically add it to CRM - LMN wouldn't know which contact to add the email to.


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