quickbooks data grid view ERROR: Exporting estimates getting the "Data Grid View" Error

If you see the following error when attempting to sync one or more of your estimates from LMN to Quickbooks:

"The following exception has occurred in the Data Grid View. System Argument Exception:Data Grid View Combo Box Cell value is not valid. To replace this default dialog please handle the data error event."

Follow these steps to rectify the issue:

1. Select Quickbooks from the menu on the left of your screen

2. Select Setup

3. Ensure that ALL of your defaults have been set up by accessing the drop-down menus

4. If any of the drop-down menus are BLANK, select your desired settings

5. Click Save Changes

Please Note: If you had any estimates in the Export Queue before making these changes you will need to remove them from the queue and re-add them before you will be able to successfully import them into QB.


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