Monitoring Payroll Warnings

It is very important to keep track of your employees daily so that you are able to see whether they have clocked in and if they are going over their allocated hours for the day.

In order to see if your employee's have clocked in for that day, simply click on Timesheets > Payroll Warnings. This screen is going to allow you to pick a date and see which employees do not yet have a timesheet for that day. Try to make this a daily routine so that if you see an employee that is not clocked in when they should be you can get on them immediately. 

In addition, you can setup employees to get a payroll warning when they go over their allocated time for the day. If you click on STAFF > Click on the employee's name that you would like to add payroll warnings for > Enter in the amount of hours where is says "warning after "x" hrs/day. Click save. This is going to notify you when the employee goes over their daily hours. 


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