Improvement! Import Equipment cost information from your budget.

With this new update, you can now import some equipment cost information from your budget when creating equipment in the equipment catalog.

  1. Start from the Item Catalog and edit or create a new Equipment item
  2. Click the Calculator button beside the Equipment's unit cost
  3. When the equipment cost calculator loads, fill out the Billable Hours and Hours Per Day section(s) then click the Import from Budget button
  4. On the import screen, select the equipment from your budget that you want to import  (note: only OWNED and GROUP equipment is available for import)
  5. Select the equipment (from your budget) to import cost information
  6. After selecting the equipment for import, the Purchasing Cost section will import all the financial info from the equipment item in the budget


Note that fuel, repair, insurance, and hours are not imported from the budget since the budget does not break down those totals by each type of equipment.  Make sure you fill out the rest of the calculator completely to get accurate costs.


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