Merge multiple CRM Contacts into one.

Many users chose the option to let LMN setup leads for them by automatically converting estimates to new leads.  And LMN did its best... but if there was a single customer on multiple estimates (and spelled differently), then 2 leads were created.  And sometimes, users enter leads in twice not realizing that they are already in the system.

And now its easy to fix.  To merge multiple leads together, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the CRM menu on the left
  2. Do a search that will return both leads (it's OK if they are on different pages)
  3. Select all the leads you wish to merge using the checkbox on the left
  4. Click the Update Leads button and choose the option to Merge Selected
  5. Next, you need to choose the lead you're going to keep as the primary lead.  All the other lead, contact, estimate, communication and to-do information is going to be merged into this one primary lead.
  6. Click the Merge button to complete the action

You will get prompted with an "Are you sure?" message because all the secondary leads will get deleted.  There is no un-doing this action, so make sure you're certain before merging.

When complete, all your lead information will be transferred to the primary lead.


Why didn't my primary contact from my secondary lead get transferred?

9/10 times, you're going to be merging leads because the same lead/customer got entered twice.  LMN will make the assumption that you don't want to have 2 records of the primary contact.  Secondary contacts will be imported, but the primary contact for any merged leads will not be automatically imported.  In the rare case where they are not duplicates, you can quickly add them back in to the new master lead.



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