quickbooks error Could Not Add the Customer or Job You Requested customer already has job information ERROR: LMN Sync Could Not Add the Customer or Job You Requested. This customer already has job information in QuickBooks.

This error occurs when you create a new customer in QuickBooks a certain way.

When you create a new customer in QuickBooks, you'll see tabs that allow you to setup the basic customer info:  Address, Payment, Sales Tax, Additional Info.

But there's also a tab called Job Info.  If you use this tab to add the name of the job, you will not be able to create any other sub-jobs for this customer.  You will only be able to create 1 job.   And that's why the error occurs.  Once you add a job using this tab, QuickBooks will not allow you to add another sub-jobs - either through LMN, or even manually through QuickBooks.

Don't add jobs to the customer like this:

 If you add a job using the Job Info tab like the screenshot above, you will get an error when adding other jobs in QuickBooks even without LMN Sync.  Once I save the customer above, then I right click to add another job to this customer, the following error will pop up:


How to create customers/jobs in QuickBooks so that you don't ever get this error.

In order for LMN to be able to create sub-jobs for a customer (and to avoid this error) you must not use the Job tab on the new customer screen.  Instead, follow these steps to create a new customer

  1. Create a new customer using the New Customer button
  2. Fill out all relevant info, but do not use the Job tab
  3. Save the new customer
  4. Right-click the newly added customer and select the Add Job menu option. 
  5. Now you will be able to add any number of sub-jobs


If you're stuck already having created a customer using the job tab, follow these instructions to fix the problem...

  1. Open your QuickBooks company file
  2. Open the customer that's giving you the error
  3. Right-click the customer and chose the Add Job menu option
  4. When the error screen above comes up, chose the OK button.  This will turn the job tab info into an actual sub-job.  The customer will no longer have a job tab - all job information will be in the sub-job

Once you've followed these steps, you will now be able to create other sub-jobs for this customer and QuickBooks will no longer throw an error.




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