quickbooks guide options sync quickbooks setup setting up QuickBooks: Setting Up Your QuickBooks Sync Options

You will need to do your QuickBooks Setup before attempting to sync estimates or you might see the errors explained here or here.  

There are a few settings here that will affect the way your estimates are synced to QuickBooks, but you will always have the option to change these during the sync process.  These are defaults only.


To get to the setup page, you will select QuickBooks from your menu on the left side and go to Setup.

  1. Default Status View - selecting a status here will determine which estimates appear first in the Quickbooks Export list (found in QuickBooks, Export).  You can also leave your default as "All Statuses" to see all and sort once you're in the export area.
  2. Estimate Status Update - this will automatically change the status of exported estimates to the status you have selected from these drop-downs.  Alternatively, you can opt to leave the estimates in the same status by choosing the "OFF - Setting Disabled" option.
  3. Default Export Format (Standard Estimates ONLY):
  • Simple combines everything that shares a cost code and tax code
  • Summary breaks estimate down by Work Area
  • Detailed breaks estimate down by line item.  During the sync, there will be 2 more options within this one.  The first is Show Detail which will show each item on the invoice, the other is Hide Detail which brings all items over to QuickBooks but only prints Work Areas on the invoice


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