Tips you NEED to know about changes to the estimating screens

LMN's estimating screens have undergone some big changes as well, but its all for the better.

Don't get nervous looking at the new screen.  Although it looks very different, it still functions very much like the old screen and you'll get the hang of the new screen in 15 minutes or less.

Click the video below for a short overview of the biggest changes and scroll down to read detailed notes about each change.

Click here to watch the video


Here's a written summary of the big changes:


Estimates are now divided by tabs instead of scrolling down for improved organization

The tabs on the estimate organize your data better.  The tabs are as follows:

  • Customer Info
  • Work Areas + Pricingthis is where you'll actually build the estimate's costs and prices
  • Client Notesthis is where you can setup and edit notes to appear on client proposals
  • Crew Notes - this is where you can setup and edit notes for crews on job planners
  • Analysis - here you can view key numbers and data about this estimate
  • Print - this is where you'll print reports, proposals, job planners etc.


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