assign crm salesperson faq How do I Assign a Salesperson to a List of Clients or Leads?

The salesperson field is used to assign 1 specific person in your company to the client/lead.  Salespersons are optional - you don't have to assign them, and you can also assign specific salespersons to estimates (since a lead might have maintenance and install quotes assigned to different salespersons).

Your salesperson list will show the different people in your LMN account that have access to Estimating.

Assigning a salesperson to a single lead/client

  1. Click the CRM | Clients + Leads menu
  2. Open the lead/client screen for the lead/client you wish to assign
  3. In the Tracking + Assignment section, click the Assigned To drop-down
  4. Choose the salesperson you wish to assign
  5. Save your client/lead



Assigning a salesperson to a list of leads/clients

  1. Click the CRM | Clients + Leads menu
  2. When you're looking at your list of clients/leads, use the checkbox on the left side to select all the clients/leads you want to assign to one specific salesperson
  3. Click the Update Leads button
  4. Choose the option to Assign Salesperson   
  5. Choose the Salesperson you wish to assign to all selected clients/leads
  6. Click OK to assign all selected client/leads to the selected salesperson



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