divisions estimate dashboard estimate division Setup Divisions for Estimate Assignment

You'll want to take advantage of the new Divisions feature to help you organize and track your estimates.  

Divisions are a way of organizing/tracking your estimates by department (or, division).  You can create as many divisions as you need, but we recommend you keep it simple.

When you create estimates, you'll assign each estimate a division so you report on sales by divisions using the CRM.

How to setup your divisions...

  1. Open the Settings section at the top of your page
  2. Click on Estimate then Divisions
  3. Click the +NEW icon
  4. Enter the name for your division
  5. You can also set a Sales goal, Labor Hours goal & Expected closing rate % which is where your Estimate Dashboard will pull its Sales goals from. Once you enter that information, the Revenue/Hr goal and Estimate goal will auto populate!




The Estimate $ Required will look at your Sales goal, and based on your expected closing rate, let you know how many dollars you should aim to estimate in jobs in order to hit your sales goal.


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