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The purpose of this article is just to give you a quick overview of the Terms + Conditions tab for your Estimates.  For a complete tutorial, we strongly recommend you watch our terms & conditions on-boarding video below:

Terms & Conditions Video


Terms and Conditions Information

  • Terms and Conditions allow you to enter text in estimates automatically as either a condition for your contract or a description of a Work Area (ie. Patio or Garden) or Service (ie. Maintenance).
  • Once setup, you can create defaults to be added as the Header and Footer in your Standard and Service Estimates.  For more information on Default Terms and Conditions, click HERE.

Creating Terms and Conditions

  • Click the Estimate menu and then Terms + Conditions.

  • Click the +New button to create a new term + conditions.

  • Enter your Term/Condition Name (ie. Planting Warranty, Change Order Process, etc.).
  • Choose whether you want the term and condition to be:
    • Available for Standard Estimates:  Available for selection when creating Standard Estimates. 
    • Available for Service Estimates: Available for selection when creating Service Estimates.  For more information on the difference between Standard and Service Estimates, click HERE.
    • Available for Customer Descriptions:  Available for selection for specific Work Area or Service Descriptions within an estimate (ie. Patio Description for a customer, Garden Description, etc.).
  • Type the text you want to appear in the terms and conditions section.  You can also cut and paste text from other documents and webpages.  Please note:  Sometimes cutting and pasting brings over 'invisible' formatting and can lead to weird sizing issues that don't appear on-screen.  It's best to type your terms and conditions from scratch.  If you have any issues with formatting, click HERE for troubleshooting, or contact support@golmn.com.
  • Click OK to save your new term and condition.

Your new term and condition is ready now to be added to estimates!  For information on adding Terms + Conditions to Estimates, click HERE.  


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