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The purpose of this article is just to give you a quick overview of the setup for your Cost Codes.  For a complete tutorial, we strongly recommend you watch our cost code video below:

Cost Code Video

Cost Codes Information

  • Cost codes will be setup in LMN to link revenue to your Service Items in Quickbooks.  
    Please note: Most contractors have a lot of service items, or they use them incorrectly.  We strongly recommend you visit LearnLMN for videos that guide you through setting up Quickbooks.  If you want to revamp your Quickbooks file prior to creating Cost Codes, please see a sample Quickbooks File HERE!
  • Once your estimates are pushed to Quickbooks, Service Items will help to show you how much revenue you earned in different areas of your business vs. how much it you spent on COGS (Labor, Equipment, Materials, Subs) to earn that revenue.  For more information on the relationship between Quickbooks and LMN, please click HERE

Adding Cost Codes to LMN

  • Click on Estimate and Cost Codes.

  • Click the +NEW button

  • Add Cost Code Name and External ID.  External ID can be used as a field to add your Quickbooks Account ID (if applicable).

  • Click OK.


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