Formatting Issues When Adding Client/Crew Notes, Terms & Conditions

If you are experiencing varying font size issues and formatting issues (bolding, italicized, underline) follow these three steps below.

  1. Highlight all your text in the field, and then select Format > Clear Formatting
  2. Highlight all text, select the correct Heading Size you wish to use (eg. in the example above, select Heading Size 4)
  3. Highlight all text, and click the following: Formats > Blocks > Paragraphs. This will eliminate any formatting issues that are appearing on your estimates

PLEASE NOTE: If you are copy and pasting any text from a word processor (ie. Microsoft Word, Pages, WordX, etc.) you will need to clear any formatting that has been added before pasting into LMN. 

We recommend the following extra steps if you wish to copy and paste text from an existing document:

  1. Paste your text in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). Both are free applications and do not support formatting, so they will strip out any formatting added to your text.
  2. Highlight and copy the code from within Notepad/TextEdit.  This step is critical.  Yes, you've already got the text in your copy/paste tool, but it's still the original text you copied from Word/Excel/Web etc.  
  3. Paste the new text into LMN
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