to-do to do todo faq How do I Assign a ToDo for a Lead or Client?

To-Do items are used to set/assign specific reminders about tasks for a lead/client.  You can even assign to-do items to other people in your company so that these reminders show up in their to-do list in LMN.

Each ToDo item contains the following fields:

  • AssignedTo:  You can assign a to-do to anyone with estimating/crm access in your company.  The to-do item will show up on their list of to-dos (it will also stay on your list so you can keep track of the status)
  • CreatedBy:  who added the to-do item
  • DueDate:  optional, but the due date for the to-do item
  • Priority: Select priority of the To-Do from either Low, Normal (default), High or Urgent.
  • Progress:  there are 1 of 3 setting progress settings for each to-do item:  Pending (not started yet), In Progress (started, but incomplete), and Complete (finished)
  • Then are 2 fields for notes/comments.  There is a Notes field to describe the to-do task, and then there is an Instructions field to enter any specific instructions or special notes.


There are two different ways you can add a to-do item for a specific client or lead.

Adding a To-Do from the Client/Lead screen

  1. Click the CRM | Clients + Leads menu option
  2. Open the client/lead for whom you wish to add a to-do item
  3. Click the To-Dos tab on the client screen
  4. Click the New ToDo button
  5. Fill out the fields according to the field descriptions above
  6. Click OK to add the To-do item to the client/lead's to-do list
  7. Click Save to save the changes to the client/lead


Adding a To-Do from the To-Do List

  1. Click the CRM | ToDos menu option
  2. There. you'll see a list of your ToDos - items on this list are either assigned to you, or were created by you
  3. Click the +New button to add a new to-do item
  4. Complete the fields according to the descriptions above
  5. Click OK to save the new ToDo item

Note: if you assigned this ToDo to another user in your company, that to-do item will instantly appear in their list of to-do items


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