assign tags faq CRM: How do I Assign Tags to Customers or Leads?

The purpose of tags is to assign your clients and leads to specific lists.  Tags are really just another name for a list.  When you assign a tag to a lead/client, you're adding that client to a list so it's easy to pull a list later.

LMN has come with some sample tags already setup for you:

  • Residential - used for pulling lists of residential leads/clients
  • Commercial - used for pulling lists of commercial leads/clients
  • Prospect-Install - used for pulling a list of installation job prospects
  • Client-Maintenance - used for pulling a list of current maintenance clients

... and there's more.  But you don't have to use our lists.  You can setup your own.

Tags should be setup in one master list before adding them to you clients.  This way, you'll reduce the chances of tags being entered with 2 or 3 different spellings, but all meaning the same thing.

To setup tags for your clients and leads...

  1. Click the CRM menu (your user account must have access to CRM)
  2. Click the Tags sub-men
  3. Click the +New button to add a new tag
  4. Enter a name for your new tag   
  5. Click OK to save your new tag

Now you're ready to start adding tags to your clients and leads.  There are 2 ways to add a tag to a client.

From the client/lead screen (one at a time)

  1. Open the client/lead screen
  2. Start typing the name of the tag you want to add to the client.  LMN will automatically pull up tags that match that text   
  3. Click Save to save your changes to the client/lead


From the client/lead list (adding tags to multiple leads/clients all at once)

  1. Select the CRM menu
  2. Click the Clients + Leads menus
  3. Use the checkbox to the left of the client/lead name(s) to whom you want to add new tag(s)
  4. After selecting all your clients, click the Assign Tags button at the top of the list   
  5. Select any/all tags you wish to assign to the selected clients/leads
  6. Choose the Update type
    Add Tags - will add the selected tags to the client record
    Replace Tags - will clear all the current client/lead tags and replace with only the selected tags
  7. Click OK to finish applying the selected tags


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