Automatically Create Leads from Your Exisiting LMN Estimates

How to Create Leads from your Existing LMN Estimates

With the launch of the CRM, we wanted the kickoff to be the least amount of work as possible.  So we built a tool that will allow you to auto-create leads from your existing estimates.

You don't have to create new leads from your estimates.  You may decide to start from scratch and enter new leads going forward.  These instructions are for those who would like to auto-create clients and leads from existing estimates.

Before you import your estimates as leads, know that LMN will do a best-attempt, but the fields in CRM are far more detailed than were in LMN estimating and only some information from your estimates can be used effectively.

To auto-create leads from your estimates:

  • Click the CRM menu on the left side
  • Click the Clients + Leads sub-menu

When your leads list opens, you'll see a message on the top indicating that you have estimates that could be imported as leads.


To proceed with the auto-create, click the button that says Yes, Import Leads Based on my Estimates.  LMN will auto create leads from your estimate information and assign those estimates to the newly created leads.

It may take a few minutes, depending on how many leads you have, so be patient.  Don't close the window or hit the back button while its working.



Why didn't my addresses come over right when my leads got automatically setup?

Unfortunately, on the old estimating screen, we only had 1 line per address.  Addresses weren't broken up by street, city, state, etc.

Because the huge variability in the way addresses are entered  (some people enter zip codes, many don't; some enter state abbreviations, some don't; some cities are 2 or 3 words, some are just one) it's impossible for the import routine to sort through the text to interpret what is a state, a city or a street name.

LMN did the best it could to setup your leads for you, but you will have some clean up to do.  Here's a simple way to cleanup address info as you're opening/editing leads.

  1. Select/highlight the text in ADDRESS 1 that you want to remove (e.g. City, State, Zip, Country)
  2. Use the CUT-command to cut that text to your clipboard
  3. Paste all that text into the CITY textbox
  4. Now select/highlight the text in CITY that you want to remove (e.g. State, Zip, Country)
  5. Use the CUT-command to cut that text to your clipboard
  6. Paste that text into the STATE textbox

... repeat until your address is in all the right places.  

It's a little bit of work, but it's a LOT easier than entering all those leads in manually!



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