Make CRM better by assigning won/lost/pending to your estimate statuses

With LMN, you've always been able to customize your list of estimate statuses.  We ship with defaults, but you can setup your own list by:

  1. Going to the Estimates menu on the left side
  2. Choosing the Statuses option
  3. Editing your lists  (hint:  use the dropdown to switch between statuses for standard (install) estimates, and statuses for service (maintenance) estimates)

Now, you can set each one of your estimate statuses to 1 of 3 states.  A status can be either PendingWon, or Lost.  This way, the CRM tool can use your own custom list of estimate statuses, no matter how many you need, and still give good sales information.

Visit your list of estimate statuses and make sure you assign each status to its appropriate sales state.  Instantly, all the estimates you've ever done in LMN will show up as either SOLD, PENDING or LOST in the CRM sales reports based on their assigned estimate status - you don't have to go back and update each one





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