job history completed work completed services completed job completed faq How Can I See What Was Completed At A Job?

There are many reports that will show you exactly what's happened (or is happening!) on a job, but some are faster than others.

The easiest on-screen report is the Job History screen.  If you got a call from a customer who was looking to check in on whether you'd been at their property yet, you could give them accurate information in about 10 seconds or less.

  1. Click the Jobs menu in LMN Time
  2. Click the Jobsite History tab on the left side
  3. Either search for a specific job, or use the GROUP dropdown to pick an entire job-group or route
  4. Use the timeframe dropdown to select an appropriate timeframe (e.g. last 12 hours, last 24 hours, last week, etc.)
  5. LMN will display a screen of all the jobs and tasks that meet that criteria

  • If the INFO button is green... there is activity on the job.  Click the info button for complete details.
  • If the INFO button is light-grey... it means there has not been any activity on that job/task in the selected timeframe



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