location tracking location gps location faq GPS missing Why Can't I See An Employee's Location When Clocking In or Out?

In rare instances, it could be that the request to geolocate the phone (that means get the GPS location) timed out or failed.  This could happen occasionally, and generally only in areas of bad service.

If an employee's location is frequently not being shown, it's likely that they have disabled location settings on their device.  Although it is impossible to lock this setting to ON (phone manufacturers do give their users the option to shut this off), you should insist this setting be turned ON for any/all hours when the employee is tracking time for payroll.

Please see directions below on how to turn on your location settings on your mobile device.


Touch settings > Privacy > Location Services. 

Android: Touch Settings > Touch Location

Depending on your device and version of the Android OS, make sure all options such as Location, Location services, and Location reporting are enabled.

How to check the location settings on the LMN TIME APP:

  1. Touch settings
  2. Scroll down and look for the LMN Mobile APP and touch it
  3. Touch location and change the setting to "Always" or "While using the APP"



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