faq set a one-time job to complete set one time job to complete How Do I Set a One-Time Job to Complete?

If you are looking to mark a one-time job complete on the LMN schedule, please follow these steps:

 1. In LMN Time under the schedule tab please click on service types and add a new service type (bottom right corner) and call it Enhancements

2. Once completed, please click on work calendars and add a calendar

  • Calendar Name: Enhancements
  • Calendar Type: Re-occuring - even though it is not
  • Click Next

3. Change the default crew size to 2 - as it is typically a small crew, if not change it to whatever you would like

4. Set the unproductive time (drive/load time) unless you have already calculated this time in your estimate then you can leave it blank

5. Leave the visit schedule blank

6. Now you can add a new job and add new task or you can use an existing job and add a new task - Click Jobs | Tasks | add new task (bottom right corner)

  • Enter your task name: ENH01 - Install Planters (we recommend that you put ENH or Enhance before what the enhancement is so that you know it is an enhancement on the calendar)
  • Enter the cost code: Extras, Construction Extras, Maintenance Extras 
  • Enter the Estimated man hours, for example 3.5
  • Number of Visits will stay as 1
  • Click ok

7. Now click on the Schedule Tab on the left side within that Job that you just entered the new task for

8. Click Add to Calendar

  • Select Calendar: Enhancements
  • Select Task: ENH01 - Install Planters (or whatever you called the task)
  • Schedule Description: The job that you added the new task should be there already, but you can add "Install Planters" to the end of it so that you know what the crew will be doing
  • Click next

9. Now we are going to set the date for the job task to be scheduled

  • Visit Schedule: Custom
  • Interval: Manual 
  • Choose the date you want the task to take place
  • Click on Add New
  • This will allow you to choose your date and service type
  • Click Next

10. You can choose your crew on this screen. Make sure everything looks good and click next

11. Summary Page - Click Next if all looks good

12. Click Finish and it will add to your calendar 

13. Now if you check your calendar you should see this job scheduled - click on edit and you should be able to mark it as complete AND the Foreman will be able to mark it as complete when they clock out of this job



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