delete delete user user faq how do I delete a user Account Settings: How do I delete a user?

The Super Administrator or an Administrator that has the security permissions to change account information are the only people that have the ability to delete a user.

    1. Log in to LMN
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Under Account Settings > Setup Users
    4. Scroll to the users name that you would like to delete
    5. Click the Trashcan button



If a message pops up saying that you cannot delete the user, you must reassign any budgets or estimate to someone else, you will have to click the reassign button beside the users name and reassign all budgets and estimates to another user so they are not lost.

      1. Open the user you're trying to delete
      2. Click the Reassign tab
      3. Select all their budgets and reassign them to a different (active) user
      4. Select all their estimates and reassign them to a different (active) user
      5. Click Save to return to the users menu
      6. Click the Trashcan button to delete the user now that no budgets/estimates belong to them


Once you have reassigned the budgets and estimates, refresh the page, and try to delete the user again.


If you would just like to change the username, password and email instead of deleting the person that can be done too.

To change the username, email or password:

      1. Click the Settings > Account Settings
      2. Click Setup Users 
      3. Click the persons name that you would like to change the username or email
      4. Use the Basic Info tab to change the user's email
      5. Use the Reset Password tab to reset the user's password




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