My font sizes are changing when I print my estimates.

LMN Estimates include what's called a Rich Text Control.  Rich text allows you to include bolds, underlines, bullets etc. when you're creating your proposals, but it can be tricky to work with in some situations.


Explanation of the Problem...

For example... if you paste text from Word, Excel or anywhere on the Web, the text may look fine on screen, but contain "formatting code" brought over from Word (or whatever the original source is).  You can hit the HTML button in the button bar to actually see the "behind-the-scenes" code.  Chances are there is formatting code coming over that is overriding your font and size defaults.


How to Fix the Problem

The best way to stop the problem is to stop it from happening in the first place.  Whenever you are cutting and pasting text, we strongly advise you do the following:

  1. Before pasting your text in LMN, paste your text in Notepad or TextEdit.  Both are free applications installed on all Windows (Notepad) and Mac (TextEdit) computers.  Notepad/TextEdit do not support formatting, so they will strip out that code.
  2. Copy the code in Notepad/TextEdit.  This step is critical.  Yes, you've already got the text in your copy/paste tool, but it's still the original text you copied from Word/Excel/Web etc.  You need to select all the text in Notepad/TextEdit, then copy that text.
  3. Open the Notes you wish to edit in LMN
  4. Turn on the Paste As Plain Text option.  Again, this will remove any formatting.  (see screenshot below)

  1. Click OK at the on-screen prompt
  2. Click the Clear button to clear the LMN Notes section entirely.
  3. Now, paste your text into the comments area


That should strip out any formatting code from the original source document.  Now you need to go in and setup your text to appear as you want on proposals.  Add bolds, underlines, lists etc. as you'd like to see them appear.


What if You've Already Pasted the Text With the Formatting?

If you already have text pasted into the comments section and you did not follow the steps above, you have 2 choices.

  1. Recommended Method:  Copy the text currently in your notes and repeat the process above.  
  2. Shortcut Method:  This method doesn't always work, but it's quicker and may be worth a shot...
  • Click the Remove Formatting button in the button bar  (see screenshot below)


  • Next, click the Cleanup Messy Code button.  It's located directly to the left of the Remove Formatting button and it looks like a paintbrush

At this point, you may have lost some of the formatting that you wanted.  You may need to re-add bolds/titles/sizing as necessary, but these steps are often enough to clean it up.



If the formatting code is in your default terms and conditions section, or is in your Work Area Templates, you will need to fix the issues there so that they don't "come back" on your next proposal.


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