quickbooks staff employees faq Why don't my QuickBooks Employees Show Up employees don't show up quickbooks sync employees integrated applications Why Don't my QuickBooks Employees Show Up When I go to Match Them in the LMN Sync Application?

The employees are not showing up in the LMN Sync application because you are not logged in as the administrator in QuickBooks. Close down the Sync app and QuickBooks and log back into QuickBooks as the administrator.


When you first setup the LMN/QuickBooks sync it asks you for your permission to access employee information - if this is not checked off then the employees will not generate when you go to match them in the sync application.

To check to see if you have given LMN the correct permissions please follow these steps:

In QuickBooks:

  1. Click on edit> preferences> integrated applications> company preferences
  2.  Make sure that "allow this application to read and modify this company file" is checked
  3.  Make sure that "allow this application to login automatically" is checked
  4.  Lastly make sure that "allow this application to access Social Insurance Numbers, customer credit card information, and other personal data" is checked
  • if this last box is not checked off it won't allow LMN to pull the employees from QB


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