What's the difference between a TASK & an ACTIVITY?

LMN Time can track more than just time/hours for payroll and jobcosting.  It can also track materials used, or services completed to help expedite billing and/or service tracking.

Here is what Tasks and Activities are used for:


Are what the crews will clock into when the arrive at site.  Tasks are used to track and organize the crews' time.  For instance, you might have a job, but want to track time separately on the job for the hardscapes vs. the softscapes.  Using that example a job would have 2 tasks:

  • Hardscapes     Est Hrs: 120
  • Softscapes      Est Hrs:  40

When a crew arrives at the site, they will clock into the job.  They will then be presented with the choice of Hardscapes or Softscapes and their time on each task will be tracked separately.

A job can have as many tasks as you'd like, but you want to keep it simple for the crews to track their time accurately.



Activities are used to track events that do not relate to time.  For instance, you may want to track how much mulch was installed, or how much fertilizer was put down.  Activities can also help you track that a service was completed.  An activity might be something as simple as "Mow Completed" or "Salt Applied"

When clocking out of a job, the crews will be prompted with the list of activities for that job, giving them the opportunity to select which activities they completed while on site during that visit.


Click here to view the training video on Learn LMN pertaining to setting up your Activities in LMN Time.

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