I don't see any estimates in my estimate list. Where are my estimates?

Sometimes we'll get a call from a user who can't find an estimate.  There are a few filters on the estimate screen that will show/hide more or less estimates.  Changing these filters will allow you to see/hide estimates.


Most Popular Reason:  Showing just My Estimates instead of Company Estimates.  There is a setting to show just your estimates, or all company estimates.  Estimates are assigned to the estimator that created them.


Other Reasons:  There are other filters you should pay attention to in that header as well.

  • Make sure you don't have something in the Search box that's filtering the results looking for some specific text
  • Make sure Status is set to Any
  • The Show Estimates box will filter estimates by a time frame.  Choose All to include every estimate
  • The Show Archived will include estimates set to Archived


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