service item timesheet import error Service Item does not exist Cost Code/Service Item does not exist no longer exists can't export time timsheet export error can't import timsheet ERROR: Cost Code/Service Item Does Not Exist

The cost code that has been assigned to a task on an LMN Time job no longer exists.  This could happen if you've deleted a cost code after using it on a timesheet.  

Here's how to fix the record(s) and update them to a new, valid cost code. 

  1. Open the specific job in LMN Time, then the task that was noted in the QB Sync error log.  
  2. Click the history button beside the task that had the error and reassign the cost code on that task to a valid cost code or if it is the correct cost code, keep it the same. After updating the cost code, click ok
  3. A message will prompt you asking Would you like to update all existing timesheets that refer to that task?  Make sure you click OK to update all historical records.




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