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If you would like to include all the estimate details when exporting estimates to QuickBooks, you can do so by setting your Import Type to Detailed.  When using this method - all of your estimate details will get exported to QuickBooks, including all your labor, equipment, materials, subs and other items built into the estimates. Simple imports an estimate with a grand total only and summary imports an estimate with work area totals but not the items in the work areas.


To export details for one estimate...

  1. Open the QuickBooks Sync Tool
  2. Click on Import Estimates
  3. Go to the Import Type dropdown menu | click on it
    1. You can choose Detailed-print details to export all estimate item details to QuickBooks and it will show/print them on customer printouts
    2. OR, you can choose Detailed-hide details - this will export all estimate item details to QuickBooks, but it won't print them on customer estimates/invoices


To always export details for your estimates...

  1. Login to LMN Estimating
  2. Using the left-side menu, open the QuickBooks menu
  3. Click the Setup sub-menu
  4. Under the Default Export Format section, look for the Standard Estimates dropdown
  5. Open the dropdown and choose your default export setting.  Although you can always change the way an estimate is exported on using the Sync tool, this setting will default your export method to the style of your choice.



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