button not working browser mac firefox chrome cache clear cache faq cant login can't login can't log in cant log in safari not saving wont work google chrome microsoft edge help wont clear FAQ google fire fox MAC Safari clear clean How do I Clear my Cache on my Browser?

Clearing your cache can help if you're experiencing any issues logging into LMN or any weird issues happening within the system as well. Here are the steps to clear your cache:

After following these instructions to clear your cache, please refresh the webpage or close and re-open your browser.


Clearing Cache: Firefox (most recent version)

Here's how to clear your Mozilla Firefox (most recent version) cache:

Click the Menu on the far-right of the toolbar (3 horizontal lines beside the address bar).
Select Options.
Select Privacy.
Select "Clear Your Recent History" and a dialog box will appear.
Next to "Time range to clear", select the drop-down menu and change to "Everything".
Select the first 4 check boxes and click "Clear Now".
Close all Firefox windows and re-launch Firefox.

Clearing Cache: Google Chrome

Here's how to clear your Google Chrome (most recent version) cache:

Click the Menu on the far-right of the toolbar (3 horizontal lines next to your address bar OR 3 dots).
Select Settings.
Select Show Advanced Settings (near the bottom of the page).
Under Privacy, select "Clear browsing data" and a dialogue box will appear.
Next to "Time range" select the drop-down menu and change to "All time". *Very important!
Make sure 'Cached images and files' is checked off, the rest are optional.
Close all Chrome windows and re-launch Chrome.

Clearing Cache: Safari (Mac Only)
Here's how to clear your Safari (most recent version) cache for Mac OS X.

Launch Safari.
Click the Safari menu and select Preferences.
Click the Privacy button in the dialog box that appears.
Click the "Remove All Website Data" button and select "Remove Now" from the pop up window.
When your computer is finished, close all instances of Safari.
Launch a new Safari browser window.

If some items remain, or reappear right after following these steps; please click HERE for steps on how to remove these items.

Clearing Cache: Microsoft Edge

Click the Menu on the far-right of the toolbar (3 circles).
Select Settings.
Under Clear Browsing Data, select "Choose what to clear" and a dialogue box will appear.
Select the first 3 check boxes and click "Clear".
Close all Microsoft Edge windows and re-launch Microsoft Edge.

Clearing Cache: Internet Explorer 8.x or later

Here's how to clear your Internet Explorer 8.x (or later) cache:

Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
Click Safety on the menu toolbar at the top right of the browser.
Or click on Tools, then Internet Options, and finally Delete in the Browsing History Section.
Click Delete Browsing History... from the drop-down menu.
Deselect Preserve Favorites website data.
Select Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History.
Click Delete.
Close all browser windows and restart Internet Explorer.


If this fails to solve your issue your may have a different browser version which needs alternative directions. Please refer to this website for the most up to date cache clearing instructions for all browser versions:

Click here to Refresh Your Cache


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