quickbooks error request processor Unable to find the QuickBooks Request Processor can't connect quickbooks 2002 Pro or higher Error: 80040154 can't connect ERROR: Unable to find the QuickBooks Request Processor on your System.


Unable to find the QuickBooks Request Processor on your system. Please make sure that QuickBooks 2002 Pro or higher is installed on your system. (Error: 80040154)

This error is almost always caused by accessing the QuickBooks company file from a different path than when you opened QuickBooks.

Example:  Say you have a server called \\Accounting, which is also mapped to your M: drive.

If you opened your QuickBooks company file in QuickBooks, then you MUST use the exact same path when syncing LMN to QuickBooks.

If you opened QuickBooks using M:\QuickBooks\CompanyFileName.qbw and then you try to sync LMN by linking to the file \\Accounting\QuickBooks\CompanyFileName.qbw, it will not work, and you will get the error above.

How To Fix This..

  1. Find the exact path to the company file. Open your QuickBooks and press F2 (or by pressing Function + F2).  That will open an information screen.  You can find the exact drive and path to your company file on that screen.

  1. Close the LMN QuickBooks Sync tool down completely.  This step is critical to resetting yourself after that error.  You don't need to restart QuickBooks, but you do need to close down, then restart the LMN QuickBooks Sync tool.
  2. Re-open the LMN QuickBooks Sync tool
  3. Try to connect to your QuickBooks file again.  Make 100% sure that you are connecting to your QuickBooks file using the EXACT path found in the QuickBooks Info (F2) screen above.  Even if the locations are the same (M: is the same thing as \\Accounting), the entire path and filename must match exactly in order to sync LMN to your QuickBooks file.


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